Okay! You've heard a lot from me. Take a look at what past client's had to say about their experience!



"Personally, Sammy has always been that person in my life who has had a kind heart and even gentler soul. It truly shines brighter than most. Because of this, I decided to reach out to her. Her photography really caught my eye and I knew I wouldn’t regret it because as soon as we met for the photoshoot it was instant reconnection! I hadn’t seen her in over 5 years and she immediately was interested in my life overall. How school was going, how my modeling career was going, and how my walk with God was going. This to me was a huge factor. I need to feel I can connect with my photographer and that’s immediately what she did. She connected to me on a personal level which is what some photographers today don’t know how to do. As a new aspiring model with an agency, sometimes I was forced with new or random photographers who were super pushy and wanted things a certain way, but even in Sammy’s professionalism she remained sweet & true to her character. And the photos? Man! Don’t even get me started. You could feel the happiness radiating from the images and when I shared them with others they could feel the same vibe. Her editing is phenomenal. I’m glad to have had Sammy not only as my photographer but as my friend."



"I put off getting my brand photos done for over a year because I was uncomfortable just thinking about whether or not I’d like the photos after all that work and money put into it. Sammy delivered above and beyond what I was expecting. The entire process from start to finish was SO much fun. I felt relaxed, comfortable and just completely myself the entire time. Sammy has the presence about her that executes care and attention to detail. Even when you think you’re just taking a little break, she’s capturing your natural moments without you even noticing. When I received my photos from her, I almost cried because I loved them so much because they felt so genuinely “me”. She delivered exactly what I was looking for, a combination of professional, yet totally approachable shots. I could not be happier with my experience with Sammy. I will definitely be hiring her again in the future. If you’re on the edge and wondering if this is a good investment, I can promise you it was one of the best investments I could have made for my business."



"Caitlin and I couldn’t be happier to have worked with Sammy for these photos. She was super flexible with her schedule and really made it easy to pin point a day and time to shoot. Being in front of a camera can for sure be hard for me, but Sammy really made it feel natural and it felt like Caitlin and I can just relax.

We literally got a sneak peak of the photos the DAY OF and it’s only been a week until we got the final editing. We are super happy with how everything turned out and definitely feel like she captured our relationship and not just pictures.

I highly recommend her for ANY photo opportunity you need. She’s local, she’s rad, and professional."



"I have used Sammy's photography for my music and for my Real Estate business. She really knows how to capture the essence of the shoot which is huge for a person like me who dabbles in many different areas. The planning and prep of every shoot always seemed to flow so easily because Sammy is organized and great at communication. She is quick to respond to you and always has great ideas to help build upon what you already thought for your shoot. On top of being so easy to work with pre-shoot, Sammy is a dream behind the camera. Any time I felt nervous, Sammy would bring in an ice breaker or say something to get me out of my funk. She was always so reassuring as well. I know that if I get pictures done by Sammy that even if I am not feeling my best or looking my best, the pictures she will send to me will make me think the opposite. I always leave feeling very confident about myself and excited to take on whatever adventure is next. I absolutely love getting fresh, professional, and clean images back to share on my social media and Sammy is my go to for all of my photo needs."


Katie schwarz

"Sammy did a fabulous job with my recent branding mini-session. Loved working with her! I had a pretty clear vision of what I was looking for, and Sammy did an amazing job of taking that vision and making it come to life. It was truly a collaborative process. She totally grasped the feel I wanted, and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She listened to my ideas, but also gave me plenty of direction. Branding photography is unique, since it is a combination of the photographer's style and the brand's style. Sammy totally rocked both!"



“We really like spontaneity so Sammy made plans for us to take a scenic drive where we could make all the stops for the perfect pictures.

Generally I’m not that confident in front of cameras but I love how Sammy interacted with us during the photo shoot to bring out our most natural selves. It was nice having that personal connection rather than just freezing in front of a camera and moving on.

After the session with Sammy, we left feeling more confident from when we started, and we were excited to see how our photos turned out.

When we received our final edits of the photos, we couldn’t stop looking through them, admiring them! The best part is now we can share and keep these memories to cherish forever.”



"Sammy is an absolute pleasure to work with. I can easily say our photoshoot was one of my favorites to date.

Sammy is both professional and fun to work with. Her photos came out so beautiful I had difficulty selecting which 1 to post. So I chose 12!"