business branding sessions

From professional headshots of your team to lifestyle pictures of your workflow, your business is made up of, or at least inspired by, parts of who you are as a person or a unit. I believe that your business or brand should have visual content that speaks for itself, so that the moment a potential client enters your website, they get a taste of who you are as an individual or a company. Let's work together to capture the essence of your brand!


engagement & couple sessions

I am definitely a sucker for love, romance, & pretty much anything that shares similarities with cheesy romantic movie scenes. Sweet nothings & handwritten letters pretty much just make me melt. So, I would say that doing shoots with couples has a very special place in my heart. The fact that it's possible to capture genuine & intimate love on camera is such a beautiful thing, & with couple sessions, I get the chance to do just that. I want to get to know the couples I work with so that the beauty of their love is naturally displayed in front of the lens. My heart for the stories of relationships is my motivation to capture the honest love couples possess to the best of my abilities.


solo portrait sessions

Each & every one of us is unique, that's a fact! Solo portrait sessions are some of my favourites, because I love the opportunity to get to know someone on a one-on-one basis. I love exchanging stories & experiences during solo sessions, because I think it's so important to build a relationship between photographer & subject in order to create an environment that is safe for both parties to be 100% themselves. Ultimately, we are all human, & we all have stories to tell & share. I want to hear yours, & capture the real & raw you while listening.


lifestyle product sessions

Products! Let's be real, you could have the best product in the world, but if it isn't captured in the right way it may not portray the reality of your product, whether quality or purpose, or possibly not even grasp the attention of your ideal audience. My objective with product brand photography is to present you with pictures that realistically and attractively portray your product. That way, when you share a photo of your product on social media or anywhere else, people are drawn in by the spirit of your product! My hope is that after working with you & your product, you will be able to tell your product's story and purpose with absolutely no difficulty captivating your ideal audience.