From the sweet moment where your man asks you to be his forever, to the every day moments within your entrepreneurial life, I'm here to get to know you well & document what matters. See my services below.


branding sessions

This session type is directed toward those seeking a branding kickstart or a branding overhaul! This often includes lifestyle photographs of your workflow, your workspace, yourself, & any other content you may need for your website, social media, and advertising reasons. Let's work together to capture the essence of your brand!


portrait sessions

If you're looking to book a lovey photoshoot with your significant other, or you want some rockin' photographs of yourself, this is the session type for you. I believe it's so important to build a relationship between photographer & subject in order to create an environment that is safe for both parties to be 100% themselves. Ultimately, we are all human, & we all have stories to tell & share. I want to hear yours, & capture the real & raw you while listening.


social media management

Sometimes when you’re juggling all the things that come along with running a business, social media is one of the last things on your mind. And, trust me, I GET IT. That’s why I want to help you out with creating and curating content that show the internet world who you are and what you’re about! Click the link below to connect and talk about how we can bring your brand identity to your social media audience!