Entry No. 1 | Is Social Media Killing Your Vibe?

N O .  1


oh-oh-oh, ooh, ooh, don't kill my vibe.

Have you ever felt like no matter how many mailing lists you sign up for or notifications you set on your entrepreneur apps & resources, you just can't seem to keep up with the movement & maturing process of your industry? I'm crossing my fingers & hoping that this is a place we've all been in, so I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. Either way, I'll just come out & say it; I SO have been there. 

There are so many struggles that come with being a human, let alone an entrepreneur/business owner/influencer. I'd say that a big obstacle is feeling this obligation to keep up with the latest & greatest, mainly because EVERYONE ELSE is doing it (or so it seems). 

Isn't it odd that we are so quick to compare ourselves as artists to almost every other artist out there? Plus, society is always throwing resources & ideas at our dang faces, almost telling us that we need to be better & what they have to give will make us better. Have you ever thought about the fact that our greatest resources for advertisement & sharing are also the easiest way to fall into thinking you're not good enough? A harsh comment here, an unfollow there, & all of a sudden you're questioning your whole business plan & creative direction. It's hard to have a job that practically requires you to post to Instagram & share on Facebook, while trying to not get caught up in the hurricane of others self-promo & the mentality of competition.

Let me tell you something that you probably don't hear that often...


What you do, how you do it, & why you do it are more than enough for the world around you. I get it, it's hard to be your own cheerleader when it seems like that every other homegirl photographer out there effortlessly went from 500 to 500,000 followers in a year. Maybe it seems like you just need to work harder or longer in order to make that happen for you, but the truth is, you are the only you out there. CHEESY, I KNOW, but hear me out! Resources that other people have to offer are great, keeping up with the newest tools and tricks is great, BUT if you find yourself believing that you need all of those things in order to make your brand & work good enough, you gotta hold on a minute. 


At the core of your work should be you. That may sound a little confusing (or maybe it's crystal clear for you!). What I mean is you need to know that your work is valuable before you add all the business embellishments & such. The resources you use should never be a way of feeling more confident in what you are capable of doing & producing. Learning to believe in your own work is difficult a lot of the time, especially when your feed is poppin' with the prettiest pics of the coolest products, but it's worth it. 

Sometimes, we can forget why we do what we do (you know, when burnout takes over, because stress has become your best friend) but let me tell you that if you start your business or brand with a confidence that what you can do is freakin' awesome & special, you're ability to keep moving forward will be unstoppable. 


My point is that you are so special, which means what you do is so, so special. Resources & social media platforms are the bee's knees, BUT they don't determine the value that your brand possesses, & they can sometimes act as a distraction from your work/life, or are the source of your creative insecurities (only if you let them be, of course). The cool thing, is you get to tell your business, brand, art pieces, etc. the value that they hold. Once you're able to acknowledge the worth of what you produce, you'll want to share it with the world, not because you're desperate, but because you are beyond excited to share the project baby that you have put so much work, love, & life into. 

My main reason for writing this is so that whoever reads it knows that they aren't the only one who gets discouraged when their content doesn't get as much attention as another influencer. You aren't alone in feeling like your work needs to be dressed up in the right Lightroom presets, font family, or whatever for people to want it. We've been there, feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, and scared that you made the wrong decision to pursue your current endeavor. 

Also, I wanted to remind you,


It shouldn't feel like something you need to brace yourself for every time you open Instagram. It should be a chance for you to get a look into the lives around you and for you to share about the live you're living. Don't let the good ole' IG, FB, & especially Twitter (no abbreviation... sad) kill your vibe with comparison & negativity. Instead, remember that your work/content/brand is beautiful in it's raw state, looking at other people's work should be exciting, not disheartening, & being relentlessly you on all platforms is the best thing you can do for yourself & others.

Keep vibin', friends.

- sammynoelle